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Gel Doc

(Nucleic aicd Bioimaging Instrument)

Fluor i Gel is a device that images DNA electrophoresis gel and analyzes. Fluor i Gel Blue is optimized for the reagents, wavelength of 450nm~490nm, that is invented alternative to EtBr. It consists of LED light and dark room chamber. Fluor i Gel can also be used in conjunction with UV  transilluminator. Compact size and simple design has satisfied user’s convenience. Gel can be observed through the window at the top and gel cutting can be done conveniently through the doors at each side. Our simple program enables users to obtain results easily and simply quantify the DNA band.


   ▷  Compact Size

        Small size allows installation regardless of location.


   ▷  Simple

        The system is simple and easy to install and use.


   ▷  Easy to use

        It is simple to use, so anyone can use it easily.

   ▷  Quantify data

        Select ROI, quantitative data can be obtained and exported.



Fluor i Gel without camera



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