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Luminescence In Vivo Imaging System

High Quality Image sensor
Exceptional QE: 95% max
Cooling to -80ºC
Personal Imaging System (Compact, Easy, Cost effective)
Bio Luminescence In Vivo Imaging
Small animal and Plant
Tumorization, Cell tracking and Gene expression


Lumi i In Vivo is a device that can image and analyze Luminescence signals from tissues and organisms. Using an optimized camera for macro-imaging, Lumi i In Vivo can obtain intuitive and high quality images. NEOimage program providing with Lumi i In Vivo analyzes luminescence images easily. Lumi i In Vivo has a simple design, is easy to use, fast and reliable.

High Sensitive Camera Sensor

Lumi i In Vivo’s uses the highly innovative 1 Megapixel, back-illuminated CCD cameras, offer single photon sensitivity across a large field of view, at 26 fps. 
With a 1024 x 724 sensor format and 13 μm pixel size, the resolving power, field of view and unparalleled speed of the camera sensor render it the most attractive and versatile CCD option for In Vivo imaging applications.


Lumi i In Vivo is structured as simple and optimal for quick and easy  installation. It is also easy to move, manage, and maintain.
The Lumi i In Vivo has a compact size (30 x 30 x 51 cm), so it is ideal for small spaces. Due to its convenient size and portability, it can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Quick Imaging

Determining an appropriate exposure time is sometimes difficult. The process of determining the exposure time, capturing the images, merging the bright image and signal image is just a click away.
You don't have to worry about it and just click it once, because the quantification is done after calibrating for various conditions.

Easy to Use

Hardware and software are user-friendly. Camera and LED light are controlled by imaging program. All of fuctions - live window, adjust exposure time and gain, capture, quatitation and merging image are simple and intuitive. 

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