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Chemi doc

(Chemi-luminescence Bioimaging Instrument)

Lumi i Western is optimized for Western blot experiment, using the highly efficient Cooling CCD Camera. Its compact size (260 x 260 x 400mm) helps make better use of a space in the laboratory. Its exposure time can be set by the users manually. And the images can be accumulated which enable users to choose the best image. Users can select a certain Region Of Interest (ROI), measure the ROI and manage the data using Microsoft Excel.

Easy to Use

Imaging program for Lumi i Western has an intuitive interface so that first-time users can easily learn how to use it. You can take pictures in three ways. Capture, Accumulate and Auto-accumulate. The Accumulate method acquiring images of the set exposure time and sequentially accumulating the images. Auto-accumulate acquires image accumulated by the time determined by Imaging program according to the sample situation. This function is useful when the intensity of the signal is unknown. 
Lumi i Western’s compact size and simple structure make it easy to use and manage.

High-sensitive Camera

Lumi i Western uses highly sensitive sensor with a quantum efficiency of up to 77%. Noise can be minimized by 40 ℃s cooling the sensor.


You can quantify the signal based on area and intensity. Quantitative data can be shown in tables and can be expert to csv file.


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